The Changed into His Image Series

When Jim Berg saw his children on the brink of adulthood, he was burdened to provide them with a biblically sound, realistic,and practical handbook for godly Christian living. Changed into His Image is the result of that mission to help them and others maintain their day-to-day walk with the Lord. Now in its fifth printing since its debut in 1999, Changed into His Image offers basic training in Christian growth and guidance in recognizing and overcoming the habits that commonly hinder spiritual progress.  Length: 384 pages

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Dr. Berg's companion study guide is easily adaptable to staff training programs, classes, camps, and one-on-one discipleship ministries or as a simple tool for disciplined, personal study. The thirteen-week interactive study program, similar in format to the student edition, is a course in discipleship for anyone desiring spiritual growth. Used with Changed into His Image.  Length: 198 pages

Jim Berg is the speaker for this video series based on his life-changing book. The thirteen-part, six-video set covers the topics Restraining the Flesh, Renewing Your Mind, and Reflecting Your Lord. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.  Length: 13 sessions, 30-40 minutes each

The Changed into His Image student study guide for teens or new Christians provides additional reinforcement exercise for group or individual Bible study or Sunday schools. The guide contains memory verses and fill-in-the-blank sections to help students practically apply what they are learning.  Length: 200 pages

(en español) This special edition combines a shortened and simplified text of Changed into His Image with the interactivity of a workbook. It is set up for the student to cover each chapter of the book in a week. Each week is broken down into five days of devotional reading and questions for each chapter. Special instructions are provided at the end of the book for its use in small groups of individual discipleship. It also makes an excellent home schooling Bible resource on the high school level.  Length: 200 pages

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(English) (Español) Cette petite mine d’or vous offre d’abondantes explications simples pour des sujets quelquefois complexes. Ces sujets incluent comment résister la tentation, comment témoigner, comment trouver la volonté de Dieu pour sa vie, et comment étudier la Bible pour soi-même. C’est un manuel utile pour les nouveaux croyants; ils trouveront ici des réponses aux questions fondamentales comme "Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire de croire?" et "Comment venir à Christ?" C’est aussi utile pour les croyants plus expérimentés, qui voudront garder ce petit livre à portée de main pour leur usage personnel ainsi que pour donner aux autres. Pages: 32

Destined to become a classic on the topic of the believer's riches in Christ Jesus, Created for His Glory is Jim Berg's second work on discipleship. It's a dynamic tool for pastors, Christian educators, parents, or any other Christian dedicated to the ministry of discipleship and personally in search of greater spiritual fitness. Dr. Berg takes an enthusiastic look at the fullness of joy and the victorious life available to every Christian who comes to a clearer understanding of God's purpose in redemption. He also takes a probing look at pitfalls and misconceptions that commonly weaken believers.

Jim Berg presents four truths to apply when a person faces a crisis. These truths act as "spiritual CPR" to stabilize Christians or those they are helping in the event of sudden calamity. Dedicated to those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001, When Trouble Comes contains truths that can help anyone through the toughest times.

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After years of successful counseling experience, Jim Berg shares basic principles for solving problems biblically. With insights into the true nature of man and scriptural truths, Dr. Berg points out the elements of destructive communication and explains how to deal wisely with people. This Bible-centered course comes with work sheets for group and individual study and can benefit everyone.  Length: 3 sessions, 35-40 minutes each